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Believe it or not !!

We are possibly the “One & Only” FMCG frontline sales mentor in the country !!

You may go to Google and type FMCG MENTOR and discover the truth.

Who can benefit ?

FMCG Sales Professionals who are in the role of SO/SE /AM/ASM

Young Professionals looking for FMCG breakthrough

Fresh graduates aspiring for FMCG sales job


Learning with a Mentor

One On One Session , Greater Focus , Superior Sharing

Great Post Program Connect

Our Programs

We have six (6) Career fitness programs to support superior job conversions and upward career movement (SE/SSE to AM/ASM)

Time to connect with your mentor.

~ Gautam Gupta

About us

“Training is like going to GYM . Mentoring is like going for YOGA” ~ Gautam Gupta

We are possibly the “One & Only” FMCG mentorship facility for frontline sales professionals in the country.

Sales Officers/Sales Executives equivalent & aspirants can study here to become a valued resource for the industry.
Let’s connect for a better tomorrow.

Declaration : We do not do job placements

About Gautam Gupta (GG)

Served Cadbury India (now Mondelez) for 30 years in various sales roles at regional & national level

Founder of ICANTER FMCG SOLUTIONS (opened since 2016)

Cumulative student strength - around 170 (100+ companies, across 16 states of India)

Carries a large FMCG network


Our six (6) career fitness programs

Attention - Sales Officer /Sales Executive from FMCG industry
100/1, Sarat Bose Road,
Ground Floor,
Kolkata 700 026
Harza Road &
Sarat Bose Road crossing

Beside Club Salon
Kapil - 98303 49402