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- Tim Gunn

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Believe it or not !!

We are the “One & Only” FMCG frontline sales mentor in the country !!

You may go to Google and type FMCG MENTOR and discover the truth.

Who can benefit ?

FMCG Sales Professionals who are in the role of SO/SE /AM/ASM

Young Professionals looking for FMCG breakthrough

Fresh graduates aspiring for FMCG sales job


Learning with a Mentor

Smaller Group , Greater Focus , Superior Sharing

Great Post Program Connect

Our Programs

First one is for “Interview fitness” addressing “HOW TO WIN JOB INTERVIEWS”

Second one is for developing “HIGH IMPACT PRESENTATION SKILL”

Third one is about “Next level fitness” understanding “CAREER DRIVERS & BEHAVIOUR”

Time to connect with your mentor.

~ Gautam Gupta

About us

“Training is like going to GYM . Mentoring is like going for YOGA” ~ Gautam Gupta

We are the “One & Only” FMCG mentorship facility for frontline sales professionals in the country.

Sales Officers/Sales Executives equivalent & aspirants can study here to become a valued resource for the industry.
Let’s connect for a better tomorrow.

Declaration : We do not do job placements

About Gautam Gupta (GG)

Served Cadbury India (now Mondelez) for 30 years in various sales roles at regional & national level

Founder of ICANTER FMCG SOLUTIONS (opened since 2016)

Opened Mumbai facility (Oct 2019)

Cumulative student strength - 102

Carries a large FMCG network


Attention - Sales Officer /Sales Executive from FMCG industry
100/1, Sarat Bose Road,
Ground Floor,
Kolkata 700 026
Harza Road &
Sarat Bose Road crossing

Beside Club Salon
Kapil - 98303 49402